Creating a Profitable Amazon Business | Part 1 – A Mentor

importance-of-a-mentorI’m a huge fan of business books. Can’t get enough of them. Marketing, finance, investing, even mindset books I love reading and find extremely helpful for both my mental health and also my bank balance! But one topic that came up repeatily in a number of these books was finding a mentor. This is sometimes called a coach, but just needs to be anyone who can actually help you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Or helping you to create the best possible, profitable business. For me this was a gentlemen named Tom who came to the USA on holiday with his girlfriend and we just happened to meet and hit it off. He’s an experienced Amazon seller and at the time I was only about 6 months in, so the meeting was extremely lucky for me! If you still don’t believe mentors are one of the most important things for success, then simply read the message to the right.

My Mentor

I had a great mentor called Tom Buckland, he was extremely talented at optimising listings and has a sidebar in which he does just that. Luckily I knew him from his time over here and we’ve stayed in contact ever since, so when I asked him if he wanted to contribute to the blog he was more than happy, and obviously is more than experienced as he owns an entire company that runs Amazon webstore SEO for businesses and brands of all sizes in the USA, UK and Canada.

I didn’t want to keep him for to long so only asked 2 questions, the answers to which are below, along with all his answers. Hope you find these 2 useful as they are well answered in my opinion.

amazon-businessWhat is the most important element in your first 6 months of an Amazon business?

This has to be both mentally (some people call it work ethic) and also capital and cash flow control. There is nothing that will slow a business faster than have no cash to invest into your marketing, stock or general promotions. As a result I would say first create a burning desire for whatever you are about to start. If you don’t have that desire then don’t bother starting as you will lose interest and fail fast. Instead you want to create a desire that will motivate you in the times you don’t really feel like doing anything.

The second element is capital and cash flow. If you have the desire then you can work 14-16 hours a day on your business, but even if you have a huge desire, there is nothing you can do about lack of cash flow, capital is a bit different, you can get credit cards, loans, start-up funding and the like, but personally I don’t recommend this to anyone who isn’t already established, it’s a very risky way to start a business.

What’s the 1 thing that has helped you sell more on Amazon?

That’s a good question… Hmm, I would probably say generating early reviews and then setting up PPC campaigns for all products. Amazon’s PPC campaign is very easy to set-up and its one of the easiest to make a profit on too. Paying $0.25-$1 for a click when you make $10+ on each sale is a very easy decision.

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