Creating a Profitable Amazon Business | Part 3 – The Niche

Hi everyone.

Sorry for the delay in posting on the site it has been a very busy period of time over Xmas. With a number of businesses coming to a climax and even a sale of one business for 6 figures it was a very interesting time for me, and of course you need to take some time off and spend it with your family at this time of the year. But anyway now everything is sorted and we are ready to reveal the niche of our product. It is in the parking control niche. This is something that’s not that popular to the average person, but we aren’t targeting the average person.

Parking Access ControlI don’t want to reveal our exact keywords yet as this might lead to unnecessary competition in the market, but the product is priced around $100 and cost us about $20 to produce, Amazon takes around $15 to store, pack & distribute the items so the profit is around $50-60 per sale, their are obviously other costs such as VAT, Tax and as such to factor in but for the time-being we have a good product with a good marketing channel and will get started. The product is pictured right.

The Process

Final quotes – This is the next stage, we have to fully organise all shipping and product details, this will likely take about 1-2 months although obviously we want to get it completed as soon as possible. There are a number of potential suppliers that we can go to but we have found one in the UK that I think will be the best opportunity.

The next stage is to create the Amazon seller central account & listing – This will likely take quite a bit of time and we will use the Amazon SEO Consultant we mentioned earlier in the blog to take care of most of this. He’s great and although expensive will give us a platform to launch from. This includes keywords, listing optimisation, initial keyword focused sales, reviews and the Amazon PPC campaign that will help get us kick-started.

The final launch stage is to in-fact launch the product to the market, as soon as the product is in the Amazon warehouse and ready to actually get selling we will look into how to launch this. It will involve reaching out to individuals and businesses who make like our business and contacting them to ask if they want a review copy. If they do then they will purchase and review the product a week or so later, leading to a sale and an honest and hopefully positive review.

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