Amazon Business Update – New Products

Over the past few months we have been looking into new products for our business on Amazon. There are a number of ones we found could be useful, and ones that were straight up too competitive to even look into. Nowadays however the competition on Amazon is mainly consisted of businesses that make money simply by already ranking top.

So the decision was made to try a new product in a slightly less competitive market and get some of that low hanging fruit that is so sweet and loved by all. We partnered with a floor painting company in the UK to try one of their products and re-sell it on Amazon’s marketplace. The result? An awesome partnership with not one but 3 products we could now sell through Amazon. The process for launching didn’t change at all, but I wanted to talk about why we choose this product quickly.

Why Did We Choose ThisFloor painting Ecoflor

As you can see from the above picture the product itself is not very interesting. It’s just something that lets industrial or personal projects floor their locations well and on a relatively low budget. It’s not something that is glamorous but it is something that qualifies for the statement – Boring businesses make money. Or in this case, make millions.

This was really only a 3 step project. The first step involved selecting the niche and finding a supplier. So once we found the niche or product that we liked we got in touch with 5 companies offering it on a corporate level. The deal was they would have to supply the product to Amazon and make sales through the Seller central account everytime we had an order. Essentially they would be fulfilling orders and that was it. We worked out a commission basis and it was go time.

Blue Ocean StrategyThe second stage was to look into the competition. I love competition analysis in every business. But it is also important to remember the key features of the blue ocean strategy. This states that you should try to position yourself or your business in a way that means you have NO competition at all. This is great if you can do it, but in this specific case is was not 100% possible to implement. Instead we had to settle with a slight change in the positioning of the business.

The final stage was to general keywords. This is something I know personally from experience in the Amazon business and something that was very easy as a result. This took about an hour and we were officially ready to launch.

So we did.

I will update everyone on new things very soon once we have some data and SALES to report.





Creating a Profitable Amazon Business | Part 3 – The Niche

Hi everyone.

Sorry for the delay in posting on the site it has been a very busy period of time over Xmas. With a number of businesses coming to a climax and even a sale of one business for 6 figures it was a very interesting time for me, and of course you need to take some time off and spend it with your family at this time of the year. But anyway now everything is sorted and we are ready to reveal the niche of our product. It is in the parking control niche. This is something that’s not that popular to the average person, but we aren’t targeting the average person.

Parking Access ControlI don’t want to reveal our exact keywords yet as this might lead to unnecessary competition in the market, but the product is priced around $100 and cost us about $20 to produce, Amazon takes around $15 to store, pack & distribute the items so the profit is around $50-60 per sale, their are obviously other costs such as VAT, Tax and as such to factor in but for the time-being we have a good product with a good marketing channel and will get started. The product is pictured right.

The Process

Final quotes – This is the next stage, we have to fully organise all shipping and product details, this will likely take about 1-2 months although obviously we want to get it completed as soon as possible. There are a number of potential suppliers that we can go to but we have found one in the UK that I think will be the best opportunity.

The next stage is to create the Amazon seller central account & listing – This will likely take quite a bit of time and we will use the Amazon SEO Consultant we mentioned earlier in the blog to take care of most of this. He’s great and although expensive will give us a platform to launch from. This includes keywords, listing optimisation, initial keyword focused sales, reviews and the Amazon PPC campaign that will help get us kick-started.

The final launch stage is to in-fact launch the product to the market, as soon as the product is in the Amazon warehouse and ready to actually get selling we will look into how to launch this. It will involve reaching out to individuals and businesses who make like our business and contacting them to ask if they want a review copy. If they do then they will purchase and review the product a week or so later, leading to a sale and an honest and hopefully positive review.

Creating a Profitable Amazon Business | Part 2 – A Case Study

Case Study ImageHi guys,

Welcome to part 2 of creating a profitable Amazon business, and although we still aren’t into the meat of the techniques and strategies used I wanted to talk about a case study where someone went from 0 products and 0 experience with Amazon to £2,000 a month in 12 months. Now that may not sound like alot, but that’s without seeing new products and including the steep learning curve. I can see this company doing £10,000 per month if not more by the end of 2017. And that is a profitable business model, when you can scale this quickly, like you can in the Amazon marketplace.

The Case Study

His business was geared around these compression pants, these are leggings women (and men sometimes) wear to the gym. Obviously I won’t bore you with the details of the product but I want to talk about how he launched them as it’s something I think everyone thinking of selling on Amazon should be doing.

So here is the launch strategy.

Launch StrategyHe started by posting on all social media profiles (personal ones) about opinions on specific questions (kind of like a questionnaire to act as “market research” for the business.) As a result he had a number of people that wanted to help, but not really anywhere near enough. So instead of going out and reaching out to people individually he simply offered a free review sample of the product if they “helped with market research” – This same question but re-phrased with a new prize (the free product at the end of the production) made almost 50 people come and help. That’s enough to get 50 reviews on Amazon and a great start to business too.

The best thing about this strategy was although he would have to give a £10 product away for free to 50 people (that’s about £500), the cost was so low as he didn’t have to do it until the product went live. So its not like giving up £500 now with the potential that people might go and buy later on. Instead he carried out the plan so that the individuals would be excited for when the product did eventually go live.

Now there is a lot of psychology behind this strategy but the basic principle is desire to help. People want to help others, but they are lazy. So generally if you see someone that needs help on a Twitter or Facebook feed, your likely to scroll past for 2 main reasons. The first is that you “don’t have the time” and the second is “It will seem weird if I do it.” – Both negative concerns are put to rest when you implement the prize + helping out element in a question. This makes people think a.) They are doing you a favour, and b.) They are getting something back in return. This means they will flock to you and give their opinions whether they wanted the product, wanted to give help, or simply thought it would be something to kill the time.

This (on a large level) could be hugely successful. But the kicker comes with the reviews you gain through Amazon. Instead of just sending people the product once it went live, he made sure they purchased through Amazon. As a result when he followed-up with these people individually. They got back to him and stated they loved/liked the product. He simply then said if they would like to leave a review on Amazon it would really help as …… Explain why it would help etc. Then the majority of people 60% in fact left reviews. That meant that he got approximately 30 reviews for a product that would have previously got none had he just sent these units to the individuals who were promised them directly. That’s smart marketing and business for you!

An Investing Introduction – The Mindset

trading-imageLast week I did a post on episode one in the “how to create a profitable Amazon business” series. This was taken really well and I wanted to talk some more about my investing strategies and the mindset you should take, as well as some strategies to consider.

The Mindset

Mindset is extremely important when starting trading. The reason is that you have to understand its not the end of the world if you lose a few trades in a row. Some of the best traders in the world have losing weeks and even a losing month now and then, the difference is they know that at the end of the quarter or the year they will be profitable and if you have that mindset and the confidence then you will be profitable too. The 3 keys to becoming a successful investor is a.) Bankroll management, b.) Mindset, c.) Strategy. If you have these 3 elements you will be successful. This goes for all types of trading, below I have covered the top 3 most popular investing types below.

currency-tradingTypes of Trading

Forex trading – Foreign exchange or FOREX for short is the largest financial market in the world. With 5 million USD traded daily. That’s more than all the other financial markets combined. As a result the currency markets have grown in popularity even with beginner traders. If you are a just starting I recommend an article called “forex trading strategies for beginners” it’s a blog talking about exactly what steps you need to take to get started in the markets.

The second type of trading is called stock trading. This is what you see the most often in the news, where large companies are “floated” and individuals can either buy stocks or short the price of the company.

The final type of trading is being a venture capitalist. This is where you invest in specific companies, usually more early on where you will gain a certain percentage of the business for a certain amount of money. This is the original type of investing but is actually less common now than previously.


Although mindset is extremely important so is the strategy you decide to take with your investing techniques. Generally there are 3 techniques when it comes to investing (whatever method this is.) This can be outlined to aggressive, passive and intermediate. Personally I recommend everyone start on a passive or intermediate type of strategy. This way you can actually slowly become a good trader and get to know the markets without risking too much of your original funds in the process. This also depends on how much time you have to research your strategy (or system) and implement it. If you only have 5 hours per week to implement into your trading then you should go with a passive, conservative system. If you have over 20 hours per week to implement a system then you can look into more trades and as a result become a more aggressive trader, making larger and more trades in general.

Creating a Profitable Amazon Business | Part 1 – A Mentor

importance-of-a-mentorI’m a huge fan of business books. Can’t get enough of them. Marketing, finance, investing, even mindset books I love reading and find extremely helpful for both my mental health and also my bank balance! But one topic that came up repeatily in a number of these books was finding a mentor. This is sometimes called a coach, but just needs to be anyone who can actually help you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Or helping you to create the best possible, profitable business. For me this was a gentlemen named Tom who came to the USA on holiday with his girlfriend and we just happened to meet and hit it off. He’s an experienced Amazon seller and at the time I was only about 6 months in, so the meeting was extremely lucky for me! If you still don’t believe mentors are one of the most important things for success, then simply read the message to the right.

My Mentor

I had a great mentor called Tom Buckland, he was extremely talented at optimising listings and has a sidebar in which he does just that. Luckily I knew him from his time over here and we’ve stayed in contact ever since, so when I asked him if he wanted to contribute to the blog he was more than happy, and obviously is more than experienced as he owns an entire company that runs Amazon webstore SEO for businesses and brands of all sizes in the USA, UK and Canada.

I didn’t want to keep him for to long so only asked 2 questions, the answers to which are below, along with all his answers. Hope you find these 2 useful as they are well answered in my opinion.

amazon-businessWhat is the most important element in your first 6 months of an Amazon business?

This has to be both mentally (some people call it work ethic) and also capital and cash flow control. There is nothing that will slow a business faster than have no cash to invest into your marketing, stock or general promotions. As a result I would say first create a burning desire for whatever you are about to start. If you don’t have that desire then don’t bother starting as you will lose interest and fail fast. Instead you want to create a desire that will motivate you in the times you don’t really feel like doing anything.

The second element is capital and cash flow. If you have the desire then you can work 14-16 hours a day on your business, but even if you have a huge desire, there is nothing you can do about lack of cash flow, capital is a bit different, you can get credit cards, loans, start-up funding and the like, but personally I don’t recommend this to anyone who isn’t already established, it’s a very risky way to start a business.

What’s the 1 thing that has helped you sell more on Amazon?

That’s a good question… Hmm, I would probably say generating early reviews and then setting up PPC campaigns for all products. Amazon’s PPC campaign is very easy to set-up and its one of the easiest to make a profit on too. Paying $0.25-$1 for a click when you make $10+ on each sale is a very easy decision.

The First Side to Any Business – The Mindset

The first part before you start any business is the most important, but some people get it wrong. They start by thinking what products or services to sell. Or even worse they start with the question – How can I make money? That’s the quickest way to lose a lot of money. Instead you should be asking what can I do for other people. How can I solve their issues or problems. That is how the biggest companies in the world are formed and how the most successful and profitable businesses start out.

But if you ask me there is something that needs to happen even before this conversion takes place, and its the mindset changing. When you work in a job all you think about is what you can do to either keep that job, or what you can do to make the most money in that particular position. This usually leads to demotivation and/or getting a pay rise or promotion, which is great but that’s not how the business world works at all. Instead you need to have the correct mindset before getting started! Before even thinking about getting started!

People call it different things. “Growth mindset” “Entrepreneurial mindset” but at the end of the day its just the desire to do something. And in this case, that something is to make a hugely profitable business!

positive-mindsetGetting into this mindset. Getting into the correct mindset is something that is not only difficult, it’s something you can’t (in most cases) do overnight. For me it happened over about a 3 month period working in a very boring, dull job that didn’t pay well. This was so bad that I worked nights and ended up working 80 hours a week for 3 months to get out of it. Luckily I was able to do this because I had the correct mindset, if I didn’t I would have quit so much earlier.


It’s very similar to dieting, and why you see people lose 5lbs followed by gaining 10lbs. The theory is that unless your mindset is correct about why and how you want to lose weight, then you aren’t going to, simply because you aren’t fully committed until your mind is!

I could recommend hundreds of books on this topic but no 1 is better than the other really, as you could get the same benefit naturally or from external sources, but personally the 3 that helped me the most were the compound effect, the slight edge and the millionaire fastlane. The compound effect and slight edge talk about how important it is to do something everyday towards your specific goal, missing one day doesn’t have any affect physically or really monetarily, but it does mentally and hence you have to do something every single day if you are truly committed. The millionaire fastlane is a bit different and talks about how making 1 million dollars is actually very easy nowadays, its just making it within 40 years is more difficult. Very important read. Get in the mindset. Then make the business.


Alaska Rotaract – Who, Why and How?


I wanted to make a post talking about who I am, why I set up the blog and how its going to work as well as what you should take from it. Okay let’s get to it.

whoWho am I?

My name is Bill Jones, I’m currently based in Columbus, Ohio in the USA and I own my own Amazon business. I’ve been doing this for about 3 years now with reasonable success. It allowed me to quit my old job and support my 2 daughters with the income. I’m now looking to go to the next level, I’m looking to teach people to do what I did, with the no BS approach. For example if you look at some of the Amazon selling guides online you see 2 things. 1.) They cost a lot of money. 2.) They offer very little real useful information.

I’m trying to change that. You can find out more about me on the about page if you are interested.

Why am I creating this site?

2 reasons really.

The first is I’m looking to have a place where I can post ideas, vent about frustrations and basically talk business without the stresses of judgement. The second reason is I also like to talk to the readers of the blog about what they think is working currently, exchange ideas and hopefully above all else provide value to you and hopefully make you some money in the long run too.

How Should It Help You?

As I mentioned above my HOW is really the WHY and that’s what I think it should be for the majority of things in business too. If you can mix a passion in your business when you are doing it for the right reasons, not just for money at the end of the day. That’s how you become extremely successful!

Moving Forward

Moving forward I will personally be getting into investing and trading. This is something I have looked into for the past year and I’m finally ready to make the step towards making it a reality. I look forward to seeing you around on the blog.