About Me

bill-jonesMy name is Bill Jones, I’ve lived in Ohio for the last 20 years, before that I was ex-army and before that I was in high school so its been a strange road for me but I’m here now. I have 2 beautiful daughters and I’m self employed with Amazon (well not with Amazon!)

I set up an Amazon business initially in 2013. As with most businesses it took a while to get going, I had shipping issues, the dollar was weak and everything just went wrong. But one thing I knew was that I could be successful if I just kept at it. Read good books, stay positive and you will be successful, there is no 2 ways about it! Since then I have found good success through selling on Amazon, enough to support my family and with the goal of retiring to Alaska and rowing my days out!! Strange goal to some people, but I guess I am strange!